Picture of Lance Alexander

Lance Alexander

Starring in :

1gaypass, DylanLucas

Cock : 9.0"

Height : 6'1"

Hair Color : Brown

Eye Color : Green

Position : Versatile

Foreskin : Cut

Lance Alexander's Biography :

EXCLUSIVE MODEL Lance Alexander is one of the most unique guys I have ever seen! I was in Arizona for business when I first spotted him in the gym, pumping iron. My workout was completely ruined! I couldnít concentrate. Heís tall with an amazing swimmers build and gorgeous face. I knew I had to shoot this guy so I walked over and introduced myself and offered him a job. Lance was by far the shyest man I had ever met but those days are long gone. I built up his confidence by showing him how amazing he looks in front of the camera and at the same time building a great friendship! Heís such a natural, and an amazing bottom! Donít be deceived by his good looks either, Lance is a very smart guy. He loves to play water polo and computer games but more than anything Lance wants to get fucked and have fun!