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Blonde, Latino, Hardcore, Anal Sex, Oral, Brunette, Hairy, Bareback, Athletic, Facial Hair

Chandler Scott and Angel Ventura are back in the locker room after their soccer scrimmage and Chandler is obviously upset with his performance on the field. He tells Angel that he is mad because he did not score and if he had they would have won the match. Angel tells him to calm down and tried to cheer him up. He tells Chandler that there is another way he can still score as he starts kissing him. As they passionately kiss, they grope each other's growing cocks in their uniform shorts. Angel makes his way down Chandler's body and gives him the blow job of his life as he swallows his cock deep and gets it very wet. Chandler then sucks Angel's beautiful uncut cock deep. Angel then rims Chandler's hairy ass before lubing up his cock and he starts fucking Chandler on his back. After fucking Chandler for a while, he lubes up Chandler's cock and sits on it and rides Chandler like a champ. Angel then lies on his back and Chandler fucks him until Angel cannot hold back and he shoots all over himself. Chandler pulls out and shoots his load all over Angel.

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