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"I remember it like it was yesterday and often, when I am alone, I still catch myself wandering back to the memory of him. Tall, blond, lean, cut - every muscle in my body tensing as he walked toward me. His name was Dylan and he was the most beautiful man I had ever seen in my life. I was young, just out, and looking for someone to spend the night with. Not a lover or a partner but someone to meet, hang out with and explore. Dylan was my ultimate discovery." - Lucas celebrates and showcases handsome young men in their 20's. Watch as these they cruise, hook up and have passionate casual sex, living out the sexual peak of their early twenties on camera for your enjoyment. They are ready for action, ready to fuck and not ready to settle down. They just want to meet up, hang out, and get laid! Also check out Rods'Room for more gay POV porn.